Managed services or, if you prefer,

your peace of mind

Being able to go about your business knowing that there is someone watching to make sure there is nothing to interrupt it: that’s peace of mind

At fibratel we have the most advanced visualization, alert, control and follow-up means in the market, which allows us to manage your infrastructure from our Control and Monitoring Center (CMC) and Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

This work is carried out by engineers and technicians specialized in 3 distinct areas:

NOC - Network Operation Center

Specialists in Communications and Corporate Networks

SOC - Security Operation Center

Specialists in Cybersecurity

IOC - Infraestructure Operation Center

Specialists in Data Centers

What services do we provide?

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Monitorization and Control

We monitor your IT infrastructure in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, identifying equipment performance losses and anticipating possible incidents.

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Technical Assistance

We guarantee the availability of your systems at all times through corrective, preventive, evolutionary and adaptive support, customized according to the SLA you need in terms of coverage and response time.

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Monitoring + Support

Leave everything in our hands: we unify the monitoring and support of your IT infrastructure to ensure its proper functioning and immediately manage any incident that may arise, ensuring a high level of availability.

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At fibratel we work to prevent, detect and solve any possible breach in the security of your network and equipment:

_ Auditing and monitorization
Detection of equipment connected to the corporate network and search for vulnerabilities using CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).

_ Security outside the company
Detection of security incidents in equipment external to the corporate network (cell phones, laptops, etc.).

_ Internal security
Detection, blocking and monitoring of security incidents on corporate network equipment.

_ Perimeter security
Segmentation of the corporate network perimeter to prevent dangerous access, network segmentation, security policy management and quality of service.

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A comprehensive service

We assume the complete IT/OT management and operation of your infrastructure, through On Premise or Cloud managed services that provide real economic value.

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