About Us

 Fibratel is a company with entirely Spanish capital that came into being in 1992. Our trajectory in the world of Information Technology and Communications is our calling card.

 At Fibratel we are completely convinced that we can help companies to introduce new technological advances into their daily work in a practical and simple wayWe have highly qualified professionals offering a guaranteed service for your companyBut above all, at Fibratel, we have our customers’trust; your trust.

Because we are 100% involved in providing a solution to your needs and requirements. And because at Fibratel we always provide answers.


As a solutions company, Fibratel has a clear corporate vision:

• To ensure that new technologies can be within the reach of all companies, without exception.
• To consolidate its position as an expert in the IT and Communications sector.


Developmentto facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of IT and Communications.

Productivityto improve the productivity of companies and maximise the profitability of their resources.

Peace of mindto provide the customer with peace of mind so that it can focus on its business.