Registered in the electronic communications network and services operators register, we are authorised by the CNMC (now National Markets and Competition Commission) to provide unified communications, networking, WiFi or security services and voice and data infrastructures: SIP trunk, Internet access, MPLS or VPN.

Vo-IP Services

  • SIP Trunk: This is new IP technology communications. It enables standing charge costs to be reduced and lower tariffs to be obtained for all destinations with the entire universality of data networks.

Data Services

  • Corporate data network: We interconnect your offices by using all kinds of technologies.
  • Technological trends such as Virtualisation, Big Data and Cloud services have the centralisation of applications in common. This, in turn, requires having an adequate data network connecting all your offices.
  • At Fibratel, we know that the data network is the base that supports the critical services for the continuity of your business, and this is why we offer a professional and customised service with maximum guarantees.

Internet Access

  • Internet of Things, social media and global Internet services require better access to the Network of Networks.
  • Wifi Cloud
  • Video conference Cloud