At Fibratel, we provide answers and optimal solutions that will enable you to increase your company’s productivity and identify new ways of generating revenue.


Fibratel Unified Cloud Communications is the option FIBRATEL offers those customers who do not want to invest in acquiring a PBX or Unified Communications platform, but rather prefer a pay-as-you-go extensions and traffic model without giving up the most advanced benefits: mobility, contact centre, unified messaging, etc.


As WIFI specialists we also offer pay-per-use solutions. We take care of the display, settings, exploitation and connectivity. Our proposal is distinguished by its flexibility and capacity as an analytical tool, making it an extremely powerful business development tool that is unique to the market.


Video is considered a necessity for those companies aiming to not only increase their productivity, but also adapt to the transformation that is taking place in business. Nevertheless, the cost of the infrastructure required to carry out multiconferences or to register telepresence equipment can be an obstacle. At FIBRATEL, we want to help our clients by offering this infrastructure without the need to purchase it, via a pay-per-use cloud model.​

Seguridad Gestionada

Managed Security. We offer a management, administration and early alert system for IT events, telecommunications and security, that enables organisations to have full control of corporate asset events.

We have also helped many companies externalise their IT infrastructure in both public and hybrid cloud models.