A video conference is the simultaneous bi-directional audio and video communication that enables meetings between people or groups far away from each other to be held. Additionally, the equipment can have the capacity to show or share presentations, files and videos and/or to connect between multiple locations (multipoint) at the same times, resulting in total communication between them.

The systems capable of carrying out this communication are called Codecs.

Video conference for your company translates as increased employee productivity and a notable reduction in travel expenses, thereby reducing accumulated fatigue and facilitating meetings in order to make decisions by being able to communicate quickly. Thanks to the high quality image, the exchange of information and communication through gestures, looks and body language, in general, transmits and approximates a work atmosphere.

Also, implementing a video conference system helps preserve and protect the environment.

We carry out the complete preparation of meeting rooms, training rooms and assembly rooms in everything relating to:  

  • Screens and supports

  • Projection equipment

  • Microphone systems

  • Vídeo

  • Audio

  • Public address system

  • Laying cables in the room

  • Room and desktop video conference system with CISCO and POLYCOM solutions

  • Room control systems

We execute comprehensive installations that will enable you to stand out and increase productivity.